Yoder Ag Services

Yoder Ag Services is about farmers. It is our purpose to help them meet the needs of a growing population -- by selling seeds, traits, and offering options to aid in plant and soil health.

Our Products

Yoder Ag Services offers more than just seed! We also are a Precision Planting dealer and can help you get set-up with everything you'll need, from equipment, installation and technology.

Seed and Foliar Feed

As growers ourselves, we have the experience needed to match the right set of genetics to your acre and the nutritional knowledge to recommend a fertility program that will maximize that potential.

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Precision Planting

Looking for new ideas and technology that help you achieve the best possible control of depth, spacing and germination? As a Precision Planting dealer, we have solutions for you.

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Climate FieldView

Digital agriculture's leading farm software platform helps you analyze your farm's data in one place. Climate FieldViewâ„¢ does the listening so you can get the most out of every acre.

Why Choose Us

Yoder Ag Services has its roots in agriculture. For generations, our family has been committed to excellence in growing and producing quality crops.

Local, Yoder Ag Services

Offering a full line-up of custom seed, precision and competitive financing.

Local knowledge

We don't just sell seed, we are farmers too. We understand your challenges.

Diversified products, seed, technology
Diversifed Products

Innovative approach to farming, from technology to products.

Consistent resource, family business

We are a family business that is committed to consistent service year after year.